July 5th-7th, 2019, Brechtbau, Tuebingen, Germany

Challenge E

„Fall prevention in nursing homes“

Proposed by:

AOK Baden-Württemberg (AOK) is the fifth biggest statutory health insurance in Germany. It looks after 4,4 million people and with 35% market share AOK is the largest health insurance company in the southwest of Germany. But AOK is more than just a health insurance company. It guarantees optimum health care in case of illness and is partnered with a nursing care company to secure nursing care for home, day-care or full-time nursing care.


Moving from one private household to a nursing home presents tremendous challenges for those who are in need of care. For most people, this change takes them by surprise. They have to leave their familiar surroundings. Everything in the new place is strange and unfamiliar. Instead of gaining protection and safety, people will face new problems due to a lack of orientation in the foreign environment, especially within the first three month after moving in.


There is lots of evidence showing that risk of falling and getting a fracture is highest within the first three months after moving into a nursing home. In terms of location, 75 % of falls happen within the residents´ private rooms. Every second fall happens during to the transfer from sitting to standing and at least one-third of falls happen while going. There are specific times, which seems to be more dangerous than others: every second fall happens during the day between 10am and 12am or during the night between 2am and 8am.


How can residents´ private rooms in nursing homes be made safer to reduce risk of falling especially within the time after moving in?



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