July 5th-7th, 2019, Brechtbau, Tuebingen, Germany

Challenge F

„Social participation“

Proposed by:

The German non-profit foundation “BruderhausDiakonie – Stiftung Gustav Werner und Haus am Berg” provides a wide range of services, in particular elderly care, services and care for people with disabilities, mental health community services and youth welfare services. It is based in Reutlingen and runs about 135 facilities in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Currently, the foundation employs about 4,800 people and provides services for about 10,000 clients. BruderhausDiakonie is in close contact with church congregations, local groups and community stakeholders.


Participation in social life is very important for the individual’s quality of life. Social activities, events, and points of contacts in one’s neighbourhood open a wide range of opportunities for many different people. Nowadays, you need to consult many different channels of information to be up-to-date about upcoming activities, services, events and happenings in your area or neighbouring areas. That can make it difficult to find support services offered by professionals or volunteers.


Even though cities promote city neighbourhoods and local communal infrastructure, the structure of propositions does not follow this logic. Whether the next date for “senior walk around town”, toddlers’ group or your contact for outpatient care in the area, it is often challenging to find the necessary information. There is a variety of platform providers that focus on very specific needs only and do not assure the required service quality of the propositions. However, it takes quite some time and specific know-how to find the right offer for you in your area.


The challenge is to design a system that provides people with service propositions to increase their life quality and social participation. For example:

  • Emma’s circle of friends is spread out globally and her job is project based in different sites. When she is at home, she wants to know what is on at the weekend and get to know the people in her district.
  • Robert and Barbara are an elderly couple. They aren’t comfortable travelling by themselves anymore. They would like to meet like-minded people and also to get in contact with younger generations.
  • Carl is looking for care services for his mother. He hopes she can receive the care she needs in her home and be encouraged to socialize more. He manages to visit her once a month as his job demands a lot of travelling.

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